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Collin Naidoo – Chairman, Acts of Love, wrote this to our Medical Director:

Acts of Love would hereby like to thank Ms Gloria Mashiane, Field Coordinator at Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre for her outstanding dedication and commitment towards our 2015 Medical Clinic Outreach project held at Muzomuhle Primary School in Diepsloot.  

Ms Mashiane has shown valuable insight into the behavioural patterns of the people of Diepsloot. This remarkable insight has enabled us as an organization to not only tailor our event according to the people's medical needs, but also her insight ensured that the areas in dire need of free medical care were targeted. Our advertising of the event was also tailored according to Ms Mashiane's knowledge of the behavioural patterns of people in the community. Her relationship with the community leaders and people of Diepsloot was of paramount importance in our medical outreach. She has also shown dedication and commitment in that she was able to arrange for the community health workers to commit to assist us on this outreach. Together with her team, taxis were organized to collect immobile patients from either their homes or from predetermined collection points. She, together with Mr Enas Mokoena, arranged for daily announcements to be made regarding the outreach in the relevant extensions in Diepsloot. 

Acts of Love has undertaken this project for the 6th consecutive year and each year were only able to attract 500 health care seekers to our medical clinic outreach. This year, Ms Mashiane's involvement has enabled us to attract close to 4 000 health care seekers to this event. Many lives have been impacted, touched and changed and it would not have been possible without her help and contribution. 

A heartfelt THANK YOU to Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre for allowing Ms Mashiane to assist us in this medical outreach. 

We look forward to the continued support in assisting us achieve and accomplish the vision of our organisation which is to “Change the world, one person at a time, through “ACTS OF LOVE”

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