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 The best GP and Psychologist is at Witkoppen, says a patient

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We congratulate the Mental Health team and Jane for the following messages received:

1. “ I would like to praise  two very talented ladies that work at WHWC. I was surprized to find the  best GP and Psychologist at your clinic. Very clever, intuitive, accurate, kind and helpful. They are a huge asset and blessing to their professions and their patients. Thank you to Dr Lee, Shelley  and Khanyisile, you are a high quality team creating good results and mending lives back together”!

2. “ I would like to thank Jane Helani for being patient and responsible about patients. She has been very good to me since I visited the clinic.  She comforted and gave me hope, encourage me to not to give up hope, believe in God and myself. Jane is the best. May she continue her good work………………….”

Witkoppen appreciates their constant effort to improve the services we deliver and notice the huge effort that is involved in accomplish this!

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