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The Ahead Hairdressing Group again shows commitment to WHWC beneficiaries

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Right to Care with Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre and Alex clinic hosted a dedication ceremony in memory of Sr. Tsakani, an employee and colleague of all three organisations.  The focus was on the service and partnerships she helped created in her work as a nurse working with paediatric patients. Sr. Tsakani’s life and service were commemorated on 25 July 2014 at a commemoration function held at Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre (WHWC). It was attended by senior staff members, colleagues, and family members. A commemorative plague had been set up and was unveiled.

Staff and colleagues attending the ceremony

We are reminded of her contributions through her career and life:
“Sr. Tsakani was born on 21 April 1961. She was one of six siblings. In 1987, she qualified as a General Nurse and for a few months she worked for DoH Soweto Community Centres. 
In 2002, she qualified as a primary healthcare nurse. She started with Right to Care at Alex clinic as a professional nurse in 2005, and assisted with the establishment of the Paediatrics Department in the CCMT managed under the USAID contract.
When she left Alex in August 2012 to start the paediatric centre of excellence at WHWC, the number of paediatric patients on treatment at Alex was more than 500. In her time at Alex she became ill and went on temporary disability from November 2011 to May 2012. Each time that she became well enough to work she was back at her post, either at Alex or at WHWC. She went on sick leave again from May 2013 to October 2013. Sr. Tsakani’s resilience and passion for her work never left her. However, she became sick one more time and left work on 5 March 2014, never to return. Sr. Tsakani passed away on 28 May 2014.

She has left a lasting legacy of service and dedication to patients. She has left a wonderful example to aspire to, particularly in the care of paediatric patients.”

Attending the ceremony were her siblings, uncle and mother

The ceremony, was which started at 14:00, was opened by Dr Jean Basset, the Executive Director of Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre. 

The guest speaker was: Mr Kurt Firnhaber, COO of Right to Care, who highlighted her example of dedication to patient-orientated service.

Dr Sanlie Untied, colleague and supervisor at WHWC, highlighted some of her experiences and memories from her and other team members at WHWC.  She ended with a poem written by her colleagues.

Dr Pippa Mc Donald, colleague and friend from both Right to Care and Alex Clinic, told us personal stories from especially the start of Sr. Tsakani career in our industry, her love for her work and care she provided for the kids she served.

Sr Tsakani's sister Pfumelni Shihlamule gave us some insight to her private life and the different influences which sculpted Sr Tsakani.

In South Africa, as in the rest of the world, our nurses have a rich tradition, which is part of what informs their dedication to service.

During the ceremony Sr. Thembisile led us in the nurse’s pledge followed by the extinguishing of the burning candle (the light representing the services delivered by Sr. Tsakani).

The final act of the ceremony was the revealing of the plaque which will now be part of WHWC.  Sr Tsakani's family received reminders of our appreciation of her dedication: a printed copy of the message of the plaque, a bouquet of flowers and a framed portrait of Sr Tsakani.

This is a big thank you to all our service delivery staff and a reminder to us all that we are part of a culture/industry which is nothing if we are not everything we can be.
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