HIV Care and Treatment

The HIV Clinic at Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre was established in 1994 to meet the rapidly emerging need in the surrounding communities for quality HIV care. As the epidemic has grown, so has the HIV Clinic.
Today the HIV Clinic provides thorough, up-to-date clinical and psychosocial care to children and adults living with HIV. This care includes:

  • Regular check-ups by an HIV trained clinician;
  • A specialist Paediatrician manages children;
  • Provision of ARV (antiretroviral) treatment and other necessary medications;
  • Treatment of any other comorbid disease or opportunistic infections;
  • Regular monitoring of CD4 count, viral load and other blood test, and results are checked by medical staff;
  • Screening for TB symptoms at each visit;
  • Pap smears on an annual  basis;
  • Ongoing support provided by the HIV Counselling staff.

As an ARV rollout site with specially trained staff, WHWC has become a leader in HIV care in the region.
The HIV Clinic operates every day.
As part of our implementation research, retention-in-care groups are run for adolescents and adherence clubs are available for stable patients. For more information click here for adolescent support or here for adherence clubs.

HIV care, treatment and support at Witkoppen clinic is funded by PEPFAR (the United States President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) through a grant from USAID.