Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre is committed to supporting the South African Department of Health's Strategic Plan for Tuberculosis. The objectives of our programme are:

  • To decrease the burden of TB in people living with HIV/AIDS, every patient receives a symptom screen for TB and if this is positive, the patient is investigated for TB disease.
  • Infection Control measures include teaching patients "cough etiquette" to reduce the risk of infecting others, and wearing of masks. The effectiveness of our infection control plan is monitored on a bi-monthly basis.
  • Patients and staff with high risk for contracting TB are given INH, which is a drug to reduce the chance of being infected.

To decrease the burden of HIV in TB patients, we:

  • Counsel all patients at the clinic about HIV testing.
  • Offer educational programmes at the clinic and in the community.
  • Prescribe Cotrimoxazole preventative therapy.

Sputum collection is carried out in an area called Bekezela which is a well ventilated outdoor sputum collection booth that minimizes droplet spread of TB.