Hearing (Audiology)

The audiology clinic at Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre is the first of its kind in South Africa. This clinic partners with the University of Pretoria in delivering a telemedicine service. Hearing tests are done using a CE certified KUDU wave Audiometer which does not require a soundproof booth. A trained facilitator does the initial screening test and if the test is abnormal, is prompted by the programme to perform a more in-depth test. These results are interpreted remotely by qualified audiologists while the patient waits.  Patients from different departments are screened on a daily basis, and those that have severe or profound hearing loss which would significantly impact negatively on their daily lives are referred for further intervention at tertiary hospitals.


Witkoppen Clinic has the distinction of being the only medical facility in South Africa taking part in an international video-otoscopy project funded by the University of Pretoria and the University of Umea in Northern Sweden. Video-otoscopy allows a patient with an ear problem to be examined by the facilitator or nurse at WHWC and a video of the findings transmitted to Pretoria or Sweden where highly trained personnel examine the footage and send back their assessment of the patient’s condition and a recommendation for treatment.